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Searcher announces Onshore Peru Multi-Client Campaign


Searcher, a leading service provider of global geoscience products for exploration & production companies, is pleased to announce a new Onshore Peru Campaign, in collaboration with PeruPetro S.A. 2D & 3D Seismic Rectification and a Well Atlas including post-drill analysis will provide a renewed and enhanced dataset to support future bid rounds, regional evaluations and due diligence of existing commercial opportunities.

The Onshore Peru 2D & 3D Rectification consists of both 2D and 3D vintage seismic data which has been rectified with Searcher’s proprietary post-stack reprocessing method. The post-stack reprocessing rectifies navigation, metadata, amplitude, phase and time to create a contiguous database that can be easily loaded into any interpretation software. The dataset is comprised of approximately 104,500 km of 2D and over 7,000 sq. km of 3D rectified seismic surveys.

From an initial delivery of at least 400 exploration wells, a subset will be selected for the Onshore Peru Well Atlas. Searcher’s G&G team, Discover Geoscience, will undertake a post-drill well analysis of key exploration/appraisal wells across basins to complement the onshore seismic database. The horizons will be remapped, wells reanalysed, and detailed risk assessment undertaken to create a modern well atlas.

The Onshore Peru Campaign comes in anticipation of PeruPetro S.A. plans to announce an Onshore Bidding Round during the first quarter of 2021. PeruPetro S.A. will launch a bidding process for six blocks in the Talara Basin. The purpose is to find companies interested in improving the productivity of these mature fields with secondary recovery and the implementation of new technologies.

Karyna Rodriguez, VP Global New Ventures said, 
“Peru has significant estimated prospective resources of more than 20 BBOE. A consistent, enhanced seismic and well database will provide an essential tool to unlock some of this substantial potential in the next phase of onshore exploration as well as in the evaluation of the blocks to be offered in the upcoming Bidding Round. Searcher is fully committed to supporting Peru’s onshore and offshore future exploration activities.”

Searcher’s Onshore Peru Data Library provides an excellent regional framework across the onshore basins including those with proven prolific oil prospectivity and those that remain dramatically underexplored. The Onshore Peru Data Library aims to address the unexplored potential through the rectification of the seismic and well datasets.

The Onshore Peru datasets complements Searcher’s Offshore Peru Data Library to now provide full country coverage both onshore and offshore. The Offshore Peru Data Library likewise consists of an Offshore Peru Well Atlas and Offshore Peru 2D and 3D Rectification of approximately 49,000 km of 2D and 17,300 sq. km of 3D. The complete Peru Data Library will be available on Searcher’s on-demand seismic web platform, sAIsmic.

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