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Terms & Conditions

Energy Country Review Ltd (ECR) is an online source of global energy industry information.

Limitations as to Use

Material (text and graphics) taken from ECR may be copied and incorporated into internal reports and presentations created by the licensee.

Material (text and graphics) taken from ECR may not be published outside the company or on public web pages without prior written agreement from Energy Country Review Ltd.

Licence Types

Single User Licence

The Single User Licence is available to individual members of staff within a company wishing to access ECR on an exclusive basis for their own use.

Where others in a department wish to access ECR on an occasional basis they may do so ‘within reason’.

However more regular use by 2 or more members of staff in a department should be covered by additional licences.

Group Licence

The Group Licence permits regular use of ECR by up to eight members of staff.

Corporate Licence

The Corporate Licence permits unrestricted use of ECR to all staff within an organisation and its subsidiaries worldwide. Staff are also free to access ECR while traveling on business. If required, we will provide additional username and password details on request.

Corporate subscribers have an option to include ECR on their company Intranet.


Whilst every effort is taken to ensure that the information contained is accurate and up to date, Energy Country Review Ltd accepts no responsibility for any expense, loss or damage incurred as a result of any errors.

The information we provide is gathered and researched from sources believed to be reliable and are written in good faith. Energy Country Review Ltd cannot be held liable for data, which might not be complete, accurate or up-to-date; nor for data which are from internet pages/sources on which Energy Country Review Ltd do not have any influence. The information in this report does not have a legal or juridical character, unless specifically noted.