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Companies who select a global subscription to Energy Country Review will, as part of their package, have an option to nominate a university of their choice.

Their chosen academic institution will be offered full complimentary access to the Country Review package, providing a valuable in-house 'non-technical' resource for the next generation of geoscientists and engineers, with high profile acknowledgement to the sponsoring company.

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  • Option to include in our reports, graduate recruitment information supplied by the sponsoring company, highlighting opportunities and providing contact details.
  • Students will have unrestricted access to global upstream energy activity, covering 140 countries and featuring over 2,000 oil company profiles.
  • Promoting awareness of this exciting industry to the next generation of geoscientists and engineers will help to raise the sponsoring company's profile within the all important graduate market.
  • Feedback suggests that our reports will be utilized by department heads when preparing student modules.

A valuable source of reference for the next generation of geoscientists and engineers

Feedback indicates that although well qualified and technically proficient when leaving university, post-graduate students often have limited knowledge about the industry they are joining and the scope of oil and service companies in the upstream sector.

Regular access to our ‘Energy Country Review’ publication provides a well-rounded and continually updated overview of companies; covering assets, operational activity, office locations and key technical personnel. In addition, our profiles provide live links to selected company career and graduate recruitment details. This creates an ideal tool when identifying and researching prospective employment opportunities.

Attracting and developing talented geoscience and engineering graduates is essential to ensure a viable and sustainable exploration and production workforce for the future.

Companies with a continued strategic long-term approach and a commitment to hiring and training graduates will reap the rewards through competitive advantage in the future. At KeyFacts Energy we are helping to reinforce the link between education and industry and see access to the 'Energy Company Review' service as a valuable source of reference for the next generation of geoscientists and engineers.