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GeoLogica Launches GET Programme


GeoLogica has announced the initial release of our 2022 GeoEnergy Transition programme. GeoLogica recognises the critical importance of a rapid shift to a lower carbon economy and are proud to be at the forefront of geoscience training in this field. The Company's vision is a broad and deep programme of courses that addresses key areas where geoscience impacts the energy transition and one which satisfies the need for training a wide demographic, from geoscientist to lay person, and from financial institutions to energy companies. 

GeoLogica's 2021 GET programme has been the most comprehensive in the business and their 2022 offering builds on the courses successfully delivered in 2021 and features courses that address key subject areas of: CLIMATE SCIENCE; CARBON CAPTURE AND STORAGE; GEOTHERMAL ENERGY; CRITICAL MINERALS; GEONUCLEAR’ and SOCIO-ECONOMICS.
GeoLogica has sought out experts in these areas and aims to share and disseminate the crucial knowledge and skills required for the world to effectively change our energy systems

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