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Petrobras and Equinor assess environmental feasibility of offshore wind energy project


Petrobras and Equinor are jointly evaluating the environmental feasibility of the project of development of an offshore wind farm in Aracatu, in the Campos Basin, about 20 km from the coast. The objective is to generate electricity from offshore winds. The joint assessment is the result of a partnership signed between the two companies in 2018.

In line with Petrobras' Strategic Plan (2022-2026), the study is supported by the Research and Development (R&D) program of the company's Research and Innovation Center (Cenpes), focused on reducing risks and accelerating gains in technological maturity. “Brazil's potential for offshore wind power generation brings promising opportunities for expanding and diversifying the country's energy matrix. For Petrobras, it is an alternative for potentially profitable diversification of its portfolio. However, the assessment of whether or not to include this operation in the investment portfolio is at an early stage and is being conducted by a multidisciplinary technical team. If the technical assessment is favorable, the matter will still need to be considered within the scope of the new strategic plan,

As with onshore wind generation, the technology associated with offshore wind generation uses the force of the winds to produce renewable energy, but operates with large equipment and delivers large volumes of energy. The project under evaluation consists of an offshore wind farm totaling approximately 4 GW.

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