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PESGB Society Name Change


The PESGB are entering the final stages of the vote on the passionately debated potential name change to our Society. If you haven’t voted yet, please do, we want to ensure we have the opinions of as many members as possible to direct the future of the PESGB.

Remember, the vote will remain open until 17:00 on Monday 8 August. Only those who are currently members and who remain members until the vote closes will have their vote counted. Please check the expiry date of your membership to ensure it’s up to date! Only one vote per member. If duplicated, the second vote will not be counted.

If you haven't voted yet, here are the guidelines:

  • The first question relates to should we change the name or not. To change the name there must be a minimum 75% majority answering yes to this question.
  • The second question asks, from a choice of two, which name you would prefer, (if the name change passes by 75%). If you answer 'No' to Q1 you can skip this and move straight to the 'VOTE' button.
  • You are then asked for your name and membership number (if known) and the survey is finished.

Message from the PESGB President Julian Bessa:
Proposing to change the name of our Society with such a broad and longstanding membership is not something we take likely. A name represents our identity past, present, and future; and that can mean different things to different people. I am clear that the changes we propose to our membership would prepare the Society for the long-term future where our skills remain relevant as subsurface professionals cross-over between different energy types. Unfortunately, our current name also remains an issue due to the perceptions of the wider society, and this is impacting how the Society does business. It is time to consider whether your Society should have a new name in the next stage of our continued evolution.

It is right that members will have the final say. It is your Society. We must demonstrate a drive to the future, as well as representing a glowing pride in this community’s past. Our Society has always evolved to meet the changing demands of both our industry and society. Yet the external landscape is changing ever faster, and our Society needs to continually adapt.

We are working on your behalf for your Society. This is an important decision to be made by members, and we want you to have your say and help make the decision.

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