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Getech Assists Sandfire Resources in Identifying Copper Deposits in Australia


Getech, a world-leading locator of subsurface resources, has successfully assisted Sandfire Resources in identifying favourable sites for sedimentary-hosted copper deposits in Australia. This analysis led to the application for about 7,000 sq. km of copper exploration permits.

Utilising a combination of Getech’s Globe earth model, public data and Sandfire’s proprietary information, Getech has successfully conducted a mineral systems analysis and structural interpretation to pinpoint favourable areas for sedimentary-hosted copper in the Georgina Basin, spanning the Northern Territory and Queensland. Following a detailed review of the basin’s geological literature – focusing on stratigraphy, tectonic history and lithology – Getech’s experts digitally integrated surface geology and borehole data to identify potential copper-forming locations. Getech’s innovative method combines traditional geological insights with advanced geospatial analytical techniques to identify exploration targets.

The project delivered a detailed favourability map for predicting sedimentary-hosted copper in the area, which Sandfire used in its business decisions to apply for exploration licenses, covering about 7,000 sq. km. This project showcases Getech’s capacity to deliver valuable insights in mineral exploration, help clients make informed decisions and, crucially, to prioritise investments.

Getech’s data, enhanced by AI and coupled with geoscience expertise, enables the location of a wide range of minerals, beyond copper. This is achieved by leveraging a proprietary analysis workflow founded on Globe, Getech’s unique geological earth model containing more than 40,000 layers of geological and earth science data.

Richard Bennett, CEO at Getech, commented:
“Our mineral systems approach, leveraging decades of geological insights from the oil and gas industry, has proven effective in locating critical metals like copper, lithium, cobalt and nickel. Our work with Sandfire has showcased the concrete results this methodology can yield, with the application for thousands of square kilometers of exploration permits in Australia. These permits are a testament to our method’s efficacy, and we anticipate they could lead to copper production within the next 10 to 20 years. This project not only highlights our ability to uncover valuable subsurface resources in new search spaces but also underscores our role in supporting the energy transition.”

Richard Holmes, Chief Development Officer at Sandfire Resources, added:
“We are pleased with the results of our collaboration with Getech. Their unique analytical capabilities have provided us with valuable insights into the potential of the Georgina Basin, leading to a substantial application for exploration permits.”

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