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bMark™>CCS, The Innovative Software Solution for CCS Evaluation


Belltree has released its innovative software solution, bMark™>CCS, which is designed to enhance the evaluation process for carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects. With the increasing demand for a robust framework for CCS project assesment, bMark™>CCS offers a comprehensive multi-parameter benchmarking platform that boosts the evaluation process of a site’s suitability for CCS.

Carbon mitigation will be a pivotal component of any Final Investment Decision (FID) for numerous projects. As per a recent report by the Climate Change Committee, integrating carbon mitigation measures can assist in addressing regulatory requirements, meeting societal expectations, and aligning with investor preferences. The efforts to decrease carbon emissions are not solely rooted in environmental stewardship, but also emerge as a strategic necessity for achieving success in today's sustainability-driven landscape.

What sets bMark™>CCS ahead of other software solutions is its extensive database comprising 16,462 potential fields for deep carbon storage. This includes 504 fields that use gas injection and 40 that specifically use CO2-enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR), thus surpassing mere depth constraints to offer comprehensive insights. Through granting access to worldwide subsurface data concerning potential storage locations, bMark™>CCS enables users to pinpoint and assess appropriate projects for CO2 storage investments on a global scale.

bMark™>CCS Key functionalities

With its proven benchmarking techniques, bMark™>CCS allows users to leverage invaluable geological insights and analytics on a global scale. By harnessing data insights, the bMark™>CCS software provides decision-makers with information regarding the risks and suitability of subsurface reservoirs for carbon storage, enabling operators to pinpoint sites with low risk and high potential, ready for development proposal.

Moreover, thorugh bMark™ Digital Workspace, multiple teams can seamlessly collaborate, breaking down traditional barriers that hindered effective communication in the past. From researchers and engineers to project managers and stakeholders, the platform ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page, guaranteeing a cohesive approach and faster decision-making processes. Overall, bMark™ is a valuable tool for building a CCS portfolio through access to global subsurface data on potential storage sites. By utilising bMark's capabilities, users can identify and assess suitable projects worldwide for CO2 storage investments.

Rod Clark, MD and founder of Belltree, reiterated the company’s commitment to supporting sustainable development in the energy sector and to leading the way in CCS project benchmarking to meet the demands of the climate challenge.

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