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Ashleigh Walker Joins Prospect 13 as Marketing Manager


Ashleigh Walker has joined Prospect 13 as their new Marketing Manager. With a wealth of experience and a dynamic background, Ashleigh is set to bring a fresh perspective to the Company's Aberdeen marketing agency.

Ashleigh Q&A

What inspired you to pursue a career in marketing?

I started my career working as a Graphic Designer for Wood (or JP Kenny back then), before heading off on my travels. I’ve always been quite creative, and graphic design was a great way to make money doing something I loved. During my travels, I ended up falling into a recruitment role (must have been my ability to yap!) It was there that I developed a business acumen which sparked my interest in exploring marketing positions when I moved to London. Marketing allows you to commercialise creativity, which I love!

What excites you most about joining Prospect 13?

During the interview process, I loved the energy I got from Cerri and the team. Prospect 13 not only helps SMEs in the North-east but also encourages and supports young talent early in their careers. I am looking forward to getting stuck in, meeting clients, and learning what life is like agency side, whilst also sharing the knowledge I have picked up over the years.

What’s a marketing trend you think everyone should watch out for?

AI is getting a lot of airtime at the moment, but it’s not going anywhere. Not adopting AI would be comparable to writing an email without a laptop in the 2000s.

Share a fun fact about yourself that most people don’t know.

During COVID, I set up a side hustle, selling art prints on Etsy. You can check them out here: HameMadeCo – Etsy UK

If you could have dinner with any three people in the world, who would they be and why?

Oh, good question! As much as I would love to have someone famous there, I couldn’t think of anything better than having a roast dinner with my granny and granda who passed away a few years ago. But to liven it up, I’d invite Adele so we could have a singsong at the end.

Describe your marketing style in three words.

Not sure I have one, although I am sure my previous colleagues would say otherwise! To me, marketing is all about being adaptable, embracing change, and high standards.

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