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If you are currently reviewing your online resources, a free 7-day trial to the 'Energy Country Review' resource will provide:

  • the industry's most comprehensive 'one-stop' marketing resource, designed to identify companies, people and operational activity covering the oil and gas, service and renewable energy sectors 
  • access to more than 2,200 continually updated ‘country-specific’ energy company profiles in 144 countries
  • a global selection of profiles covering more than 1,000 oil service and renewable energy companies and industry organizations
  • a daily news service, searchable by region, country, energy type or industry category
  • an easy access database with ongoing potential to identify business opportunities
  • ongoing opportunity to promote your company profile and news

Feedback from current subscribers confirms that users save significant time preparing focused marketing campaigns, researching potential business opportunities and monitoring global oil company operational activity.

A 7-day free trial is available from our home page (see link above) if you would like to review our service, with additional information available on request.

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