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KeyFacts Energy continue to provide details of upcoming webinars on our home page and invite companies to contact us with details of new events that can be posted to our site.

To take advantage of this service, contact us now.

30 years of Core Analysis and Still learning

Join PREMIER COREX on Thursday 9th July as they continue their Core Analysis & EOR webinar series. Global Technical Manager Jules Reed will be back to present some of the general learnings from his 30 years' of expert industry experience of carrying out core analysis experiments and reviewing data results. Not to be missed!

Register 10am UK time
Register 4pm UK time 

WATCH NOW and you can also subscribe to the PREMIER COREX YouTube channel if you are interested in more technical videos and content coming soon. 

Oil Council: Upstream M&A will continue to nose-dive

  • Date: July 9
  • Date: 4pm BST 

Join Industry experts from Equinor, ERCE, Mizuho and Serica Energy for a LIVE debate on future of Upstream M&A.

This webinar “Upstream M&A will continue to nose-dive” will explore what happens to M&A when the financial markets slow down beyond anything previously seen, the impact of COVID-19 and the renewed low oil price and what we can predict for the end of the year.

Sponsored by ERCE   l   Register

How to choose the right processes to get started with RPA

  • Date: Thursday, July 9th 2020
  • Time: 14:00 BST

Automation Anywhere and BP3 are coming together to show the power of robotics and AI in a supply chain scenario. No matter your industry or automation needs this presentation will speak to you.

You will learn how to get started in the discovery of the best processes to automate, how you can use built-in intelligence to make your process smarter, and finally, you will see how a digital assistant running on your desktop can make the mundane feel exciting again.

What you will learn:

  • How to get started with process discovery for robotics
  • How Intelligent Automation can make your process smarter
  • Using a digital assistant to help with manual processes


Westwood's Macro Outlook 

  • Date: Jul 16, 2020 
  • Time: 02:00 PM in London

Westwood’s Macro Outlook will focus on the crude Supply/Demand picture & pricing scenarios, E&P behaviour/s, snapshot of upstream M&A and capital markets (equity and debt) activity levels and the summary outlook for our core business areas:

  • Global E&A
  • North West Europe E&P
  • Global onshore & offshore supply chain.


Oil & Gas Council: The Oil & Gas industry cannot attract the right talent

  • Date: Jul 16, 2020 
  • Time: 02:00 PM London

The Oil & Gas industry cannot attract the right talent into oil and gas exploration in 2017 was at its lowest since records began in 2012, having fallen by 61% in four years. As concerns abound around the future for large discoveries, the role of the energy transition and continued hurdles around CAPEX, what does the future hold for the next generation of job seekers?

  • How can the oil & gas industry compete with other sectors to avoid suffering a brain drain?
  • How can the industry re-invent itself in order to attract the calibre of talent it needs?
  • What lessons can be learnt from the work culture during COVID 19 – can a new way of working help attract and keep more women in the industry?
  • What incentives will encourage the right talent to join the Oil & Gas industry
  • In light of the recent BLM campaign, what has the response been from the oil & gas industry and what can be done to increase diversity? 


Oil and gas companies will feel the renewed urgency of digital transformation post-crisis

  • Date: Mon 27 July 2020
  • Time: 12:00 AM (GST)

The oil and gas industry has been pushed to a digital tipping point, transforming digital technology from an option to a necessity. During the current market crisis, operators that invested in digital technology early reaped the benefits of added resilience and flexibility while others struggled to adapt to the new normal.

Confronted with the double-pronged impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the oil price crash, oil companies have a renewed sense of the market’s fragility, and they will have to maximise their efforts to optimise operations. 


Oil & Gas Council: This is the end of US O&G independents; only supermajors will remain

Date: 4 August 2020
Time: 03:00 PM in London

US O&G Independents were already sitting on huge debt levels before the impacts of COVID-19 and the Oil Price War hit. They now face a dire road ahead. Amidst weakened commodity prices and huge debt costs, companies are struggling to survive as they are being forced to cut costs and preserve cash. As traditional sources of capital pull back, companies must seek restructuring advice in order to weather the storm.

  • How will restructuring need to differ this time around in order to sufficiently improve the financial health of companies on the other end of this downturn?
  • Will independents and small private companies have access to capital going forward? If so, how do they unlock access to capital?
  • What next for no-bid bankruptcy scenarios and illiquid companies going on blowdown.
  • When are the creditors going to act and how are they going to act? Will they be prepared to take on ownership/operatorship of assets?
  • Will the majors & super majors lead the way with mass consolidation? If so, what opportunities will rise to the top of the pile? US vs. International?


Oil & Gas Council: The O&G industry has previously failed to embrace digitalisation 

  • Date: Aug 6, 2020 
  • Time: 02:00 PM London

There are impressive statistics that show the cost benefits of embracing new technology – whether it be mechanical or technological; increases in production efficiency, OPEX reductions, reduction in lost time and better accuracy. And yet, the digitalisation of the industry seems to be happening at a snail’s pace. Is this the case?

  • Are oil & gas companies stuck in a pattern of historic processes, too deeply entrenched in its existing operating model to make any changes?
  • To what extent are oil & gas companies embracing digitalisation?
  • For those that are welcoming innovation, where is the focus – better harnessing of big data, AI, cloud computing, 3D scanning?
  • Will the current fluctuations in commodity prices and the after effects of COVID encourage the move towards digitalisation or dissuade additional spend?
  • How can operators and service providers work together to achieve the technology advancement needed? 


Oil & Gas Council: Exploration & Production in Africa will become a thing of the past 

  • Date: Aug 20, 2020 
  • Time: 10:30 AM London

The recent crash in oil & gas prices has dealt a blow in Africa. Licensing rounds have been cancelled, production timelines have been pushed back and debt is a consistent challenge. The Africa oil & gas market has spent huge amounts of time and resources developing its infrastructure and fiscal terms – did they take too long and will this, alongside weakening international demand, mean African E&P is a thing of the past?

  • How have Ministries of Energy responded to the unprecedented uncertainty of Africa’s oil explorers?
  • Which projects are still viable and is anticipated exploration still on track?
  • What role is and will the energy transition play on the continent?
  • Can the continent still attract international investment to the level required? 


The changes seen to the O&G industry in 2020 will lead to permanent transformation 

  • Date: Sep 3, 2020 
  • Time: 03:00 PM London

As we near the end of the summer, and anticipating almost certain consolidation expected due to the oil price and Covid19 as well as changing supply/demand dynamics will there be lasting change to the oil & gas industry post 2020 or will we return to the same agenda when current hurdles have been overcome?

  • How can the O&G industry evolve, change and adapt for the future?
  • How should organisations interact with different stakeholder groups? 
  • Balancing short term recovery with strategic long term change
  • Following the industry downturn in 2014, is more change even possible? 
  • What is the long term prognosis for demand – is it likely to return to levels seen prior to the pandemic? 


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