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Seabed Geosolutions secures two 4D ocean bottom node surveys in Brazil


Seabed Geosolutions has secured a contract for a baseline 4D ocean bottom node (OBN) survey as well as a future 4D monitor OBN survey in Brazil. The project is to be acquired in water depths greater than 2,200m and the baseline survey is scheduled to commence in the second quarter of 2021. The total combined duration of the two surveys is estimated around eight months.

Stephan Midenet, CEO of Seabed Geosolutions commented: 
"We are delighted to be awarded another high profile, deep water OBN project in Brazil. We are honored by the renewed confidence expressed by our clients for what will be our sixth project in Brazil, a core OBN market. We are confident that our proprietary OBN technology, coupled with our extensive expertise in Brazil, will again aid in illuminating our client's objectives with superior data quality needed to meet their development goals."

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