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HCD Multi-Flow in Western Canada Pilot


Hydrocarbon Dynamics (“HCD”) announces that one of its new distributors in Western Canada has been awarded a trial in Alberta to remediate and inhibit paraffin deposition issues plaguing wells and flowlines using HCD Multi-Flow. The pilot is with a midcap Canadian oil & gas producer.

Positive results to date on the initial 5 wells tested have lead to expansion of the trail to 16 wells with an additional A$55,000 of product being ordered. The objectives of the trial are to reduce the volume of chemical required, reduce treatment costs, improving chemical handling, and reducing the need for secondary remediation techniques such as pigging and solvent soaks.

Continued success will improve the likelihood of both ongoing sales for this application as well as securing trials and sales to this producer in other larger producing fields.

The early success in the current trial is a direct result of the new strategy and distributorship business model adopted by HCD and implemented by our new Chemical Division CEO, Bill Tarantino.

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