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Entech’s Superstage Pinpoint Stimulation Finds Partner in Chevron Technology Ventures' Catalyst Program


Entech Solutions AS, a Norwegian oilfield technology company focused on the commercialization of downhole products, launched Superstage® Pinpoint Stimulation (SPS) to meet the needs of high intensity stimulation in increasingly long horizontal wells. Superstage® joins Chevron Technology Ventures' (CTV) Catalyst Program for guidance through several technical and commercial milestones. 

Superstage® employs a one-size-fits-all sleeve design that activates in sequence from heel to toe, promising improved economies of scale. Technical advantages include pinpoint fluid diversion, no limitation on stage count or lateral length, and operational efficiency beyond the capacity of zipper-fracturing methods. 

Superstage® has the potential to reduce well-construction costs and stimulation-phase emissions for shale wells, and to improve production performance from horizontal carbonate completions. 

“Collaboration with Chevron will allow us to demonstrate Superstage® efficiencies in a variety of basins worldwide,” said Anthony Kent, co-inventor of Superstage® and Entech’s General Manager for North America. “Working with a leading global operator gives us access to expertise needed to standardize this robust and versatile hardware technology.” 

Superstage® co-inventor and Entech CTO Jan Tore "JT" Tveranger and his team brainstormed well-stimulation objectives beyond analyzing existing technical problems alone. “We took an aspirational approach to delivering the simplest, most effective method rather than focusing on incremental improvement. With the right partner, such as CTV, we hope this innovative approach will be a game-changer.” 

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