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Entech Solutions


Entech Solutions AS
Storaneset 12
Indre Arna 5260

Tel: +1 562 726 4799


Entech Solutions AS is a Norwegian oilfield technology company with international offices in the United States and Brazil. The Entech Mission is to demonstrate an accelerated idea-to-market lifecycle by promoting market driven innovation and implementing lean product development and commercialization practices. Primarily serving the upstream oil and gas industry, the company's expertise includes engineering design, supply chain and manufacturing, project management and business development. Entech applies systematic design and evaluation methodologies to ensure that the most promising ideas evolve into technologies that satisfy the widest range of customer requirements. Entech is partner owned and operated. 

Technologies and solutions

Superstage®  Pinpoint Stimulation 
Superstage® Pinpoint Stimulation, or SPS, delivers pinpoint entry and uniform distribution of stimulation fluids across the entire reservoir interval, regardless of horizontal length, without the need for mid-operation intervention. 

Entech's patent pending SPS technique gives operators the flexibility to design a stimulation treatment that is optimized for the formation, whether matrix-acid, acid-frac, or prop-frac, with no limitation on spacing, treatment rate or fluids. 

Fantom™ Completion Accessories 
Fantom™ Completion Accessories offer critical functionality without impeding the completion or production operation.

The patented Fantom™ product line relies on Entech's Shatter Glass Technology, which utilizes proprietary glass machining and tempering specifications. The result is a high strength glass that can withstand shocks during handling and well operations, while ensuring complete disintegration upon activation to leave a fullbore tubing.    

Bossa Nova™
While the industry dreams of an unlimited-zone, pure-electric completion system for its flexibility and modularity, the enabling technology is 7-10 years from reaching the performance and reliability of hydraulic systems. 

Bossa Nova™ fills the gap in near term with field-proven componentry to deliver enhanced life-of-well production optimization.