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Aladdin Middle East


Corporate Headquarters
645 E. Douglas, Suite 100
Wichita, KS 67202, USA

Tel: +1 316 265 9311

Operational Headquarters
Karum İş Merkezi İran Cad.
No:21/394 Kavaklıdere
Ankara, TURKEY

Tel: +90 312 427 90 20

UK Subsidiary
146 Fleet Street
London. EC4A 2BU
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7583 8292


Aladdin Middle East Ltd. ("AME") is an independent American oil and gas exploration and production company founded in 1961 and focused on the strategic exploration and exploitation of oil and gas assets in Turkey. AME’s head office is in Wichita, Kansas, while the company's operational headquarters is located in Ankara, Turkey. Additional field offices are located at the operating sites for AME's production leases.

AME has been a pivotal E & P company in the development of Turkey’s upstream sector. Through AME's efforts many underexplored basins in Turkey have been evaluated, yielding a large amount of technical and geophysical information and significant financial and social benefits for Turkey. AME has helped to bring a large number of American and European energy companies to Turkey as first time investors in the oil and gas sector.

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