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PetroStrat Ltd is a Stratigraphic Consultancy that provides a comprehensive suite of integrated geological services to the Oil & Gas industry. The company offer full service palaeontology (micropalaeontology, nannopalaeontology and palynology) together with sedimentology/reservoir geology services (including core logging, petrography, log and image log interpretation, etc.).

With headquarters and dedicated laboratory in Conwy, North Wales and satellite offices in St. Albans and Houston (USA) PetroStrat specialise in the provision of high resolution, quantitative reservoir scale studies and wellsite (real time) biostratigraphic services.

PetroStrat provides a full suite of integrated biostratigraphic services (micropalaeontology, nannopalaeontology and palynology) to the Oil & Gas industry. We are specialists in the provision of wellsite (real-time) biostratigraphic services (>2,500 man days per annum) and high resolution, quantitative reservoir scale studies (either single well or multi-well). We are one of the largest providers of wellsite palynological services in the world.

Wellsite Biostratigraphy
PetroStrat stratigraphers have a wealth of experience in the provision of integrated biostratigraphic and multi-well sequence stratigraphic services throughout the world and specialize in provision of wellsite biostratigraphy services.

Sedimentology is complimentary to biostratigraphy and there are many areas of synergy that PetroStrat now have the capability to exploit. Services include:

  • Sedimentological core description
  • Fracture core description
  • Log and image log interpretation
  • Facies interpretation
  • Petrography
  • Cuttings analysis
  • Environmental/depositional setting modelling
  • Porosity history and reservoir quality modelling.