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Carbon Neutral Energy


Carbon Neutral Energy have developed a revolutionary Energy Storage Solution that will support both the environmental issues and storage shortages for power to help reduce wastage.

Based in Scotland the company have developed a unique and innovative solution offering storage and delivery of green electric power, in a mobile and modular format.

Green power has made significant strides across the globe, however, there has been a clear lack in the ability to store power and to utilise the power that is generated daily. Thus leading to significant wastage and therefore the demand for storage is enormous globally, to help meet future net zero ambitions.

CNE's inital research recognised an inadequacy in the UK’s power infrastructure which results in the lack of power availability in peak times and also restricts certain applications due to the lack of capacity at peak times.


  • Large capacity battery storage
  • Gigawatts of capacity
  • Multi-industry Mobile Storage
  • Minimum 10-year life cycle
  • Robust design
  • Latest tracking technology
  • Less pollution
  • Efficient
  • Low maintenance

The range of power capacity is from 1MW to 5MW in the form of a mobile unit with a suite of smaller static modules that can also be combined to create large energy storage which can be customised to meet any size of customer power requirements at any location, potentially creating gigawatt storage systems.

Thus fulfilling a global demand for mobile power storage solutions, with the added benefit of aiding the issue of unnecessary pollution in this era of electrification.

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