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Cegal is a professional partner delivering cloud solutions, software and consultancy within IT, geoscience and data management. The company have a business model based on delivery of scalable and recurring As a Service solutions. This enables their E&P customers in the oil and gas industry to scale costs easily.

With significant investments in their product and services portfolio over the last years, Cegal now have a unique offering, and are well positioned for the future.

Cegal delivers a complete solution to increase business value through technology. With enhanced digital usage and improved end-user experience, the company ensure that applications and data are deployed, integrated and easily accessed through secure, stable and cost efficient solutions.

The Cegal Oil & Gas Workspace is an open integration platform for the oil and gas exploration and production industry. It allows for a complete user experience with flexible access to industry applications, data and consultancy. A scalable solution provided by high-end IT and cloud solutions and services that empowers client employees to perform optimally. 

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