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Cavitas Energy


Cavitas Energy Ltd is part of Valor Energy Group, a collaborative group of companies supplying solutions to the Oil and Gas industry. Cavitas is an Aberdeen based enhanced oil recovery specialist supporting the international oil and gas service industry. Investing heavily in Research & Development, Cavitas has continued to develop and produce a technological solution for the production of Heavy Oil.


THOR, an innovative downhole technology which will revolutionise Thermal Heavy Oil Recovery and:

  • Bring Thermal EOR to previously discounted wells
  • Inject heat into the well bore at source
  • Increase production rates
  • Maximise flow assurance
  • Increase recoverable reserves
  • Increase customer shareholder value

THOR is suitable for deployment in wells with the specific goal of utilising thermal properties to enhance production while limiting the build-up of waxes, scales etc. The devices have the ability to heat liquids at source as opposed to traditional methods where this is typically done topside and pumped to the location where inevitably large energy losses occur.

Why Heavy Oil?

  • The UK’s OGA predicts that by 2025 42% of daily North Sea production will be heavy oil.
  • Only 30% of remaining oil is considered “light oil” while the remaining 70% are considered “heavy oils”
  • The International Energy Agency stated that increasing recovery of these heavier crudes could unlock approximately 300 billion barrels
  • There are approximately 7 billion  barrels of known heavy oil to be developed in the UKCS alone

Why Thermal EOR

  • Thermal methods of enhanced oil recovery entail the application of heat to the oil well. This acts to lower the viscosity of the oil and thus increase the mobility ratio.
  • Thermal EOR processes have the greatest certainty of success and application in about 70% of the EOR market globally.
  • Recovery rates up to double have been seen but generally increases of c. 20%-50% are readily achievable using thermal EOR.
  • Thermal methods dominate the EOR market, accounting for just over 2 million barrels per day in 2014, which is 63.8 percent of global EOR production.