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Coretrax delivers market-leading wellbore clean up and wellbore abandonment solutions globally, supporting client operations from drilling to completion and production to abandonment.

Coretrax’s award-winning range of products provides global oil majors with innovative, tailored solutions which increase time efficiency and reduce cost and risk.


Debris and residues left in the wellbore from drilling or production activities can result in reduced productivity or even significant non-productive time (NPT) for the operators. Coretrax wellbore clean up tools are designed to maximize debris recovery from the wellbore and eliminate potential issues further into the well’s lifecycle.

Coretrax design the fluid train to optimise the interface. The company's engineered displacements and pills provide excellent clean-up results in both water and oil-based muds.

Coretrax provides a seamless service - constantly aligning wellbore abandonment needs through rigorous project planning and engineering.

Historically, abandonment has been on a well by well basis within the drilling or production workflow. As the numbers of decommissioned and shut-in wells rises, increasingly it will become a planned activity and involve the mobilisation of dedicated abandonment campaigns by operators.

Coretrax are supporting this change with specialist abandonment services and solutions. The company work to the highest standards and constantly engineer innovative solutions for every field, aligned to the challenging conditions found in the industry. Coretrax combine all the elements of programme planning, client communications, engineering and project execution to increase dramatically the efficiency and safety of client abandonment campaign.

Coretrax can provide a full service tool package to their customers including retrievable bridge plugs, retrievable test packers, bumper subs, water bushings and swedges. The company hold a wide range of casing sizes and connections of service tools which are manufactured to NS1 and inspected to NS2 standard.

Using innovative CX™ technologies Coretrax provide increased operational efficiency. The company combine this with unrivalled customer service, delivered by dedicated, specialist wellbore clean-up and abandonment personnel.

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