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Aramco Overseas


Aramco Overseas is a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco - the state-owned oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and a fully integrated global petroleum and chemicals enterprise.

The company are the exclusive solutions and strategic partner of Saudi Aramco within their regions of business. Their network of experts provide a vital link between Saudi Aramco, the world’s leading energy company, and their operations within Europe and other parts of the world.

Services include: research and technology, engineering, procurement, local content, contracting, quality, management, logistics, staffing services and professional development.

Since August 2009 Aramco Overseas Company BV (AOC) corporate headquarters have been located in The Hague, the diplomatic capital of The Netherlands. From this office, Aramco Overseas directs international operations through Europe, Africa and South America, with joint ventures in Asia. The Hague office is also the communications hub for its global operations.

Aramco Overseas opened its London office in 2008. It provides in-house recruitment services for Saudi Aramco, and oversees the career development for postgraduate and undergraduate Saudi Aramco students currently studying in Europe.

The office also manages Public Relations activities for Aramco Overseas and Saudi Aramco, within our area of operation.

Aramco Overseas' research center in Aberdeen, called the Aberdeen Technology Office (ATO), was opened in 2013. It concentrates on improvements in upstream areas such as exploration, drilling and production.