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Strohm is the world’s first and leading manufacturer of fully bonded, Thermoplastic Composite Pipe. The lightweight, high strength and corrosion resistant composite pipes provide cost and operational benefits in subsea intervention and production applications.

In today’s offshore oil & gas industry, cost reduction is key to maintain profi table and sustainable production. Strohm’ Thermoplastic Composite Pipe technology offers the industry a game changing, new range of products that provides the solution for lower capital and lower operational cost for operators, contractors and service providers. 

Strohm manufacture flowlines, spools and risers for production applications, and jumpers and downlines for intervention applications. The company's proven track record shows, their products reduce cost in procurement, installation and operation as well as maintenance and inspection. 

Thermoplastic Composite Pipe Technology
The Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) developed by Strohm features a solid pipe wall, constructed from glass or carbon reinforcement fibres and thermoplastic polymeric materials. The unique, certified and proprietary manufacturing process results in a fully bonded composite pipe structure, with the fibres fully embedded within the polymer matrix and ensuring the strongest interface possible between the different pipe layers.

The benefits at a glance:

  • No corrosion, excellent chemical resistance
  • Light weight, reducing top tensions and transportation cost
  • Long length per spool, reducing installation cost
  • Smooth inner bore combined with high external pressure rating
  • High internal pressure rating
  • Flexibility