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Eliis is an international software provider in seismic interpretation for the oil and gas industry. Eliis is a french company founded in June 2007. Its office is located in Montpellier.

Through its experience in seismic imaging, geosciences and computer skills, Eliis has developed PaleoScan, a new generation of software, which optimizes drastically the seismic interpretation process.

PaleoScan has already been used on various areas worldwide and has shown successful results used in the E&P decisions. Thanks to a new approach based on a global minimization methods, PaleoScan aims to compute geological time model directly from the seismic information. This technology improves the quality of the interpretation and reduces drastically time cycle, compared to classical techniques. This changes the way to look at seismic data and takes interpretation a step further in the exploration and production process.

The main features in PaleoScan™ 2018:

  • Global Multi-line 2D Interpretation
  • Upgrades on 3D Relative Geological Time
  • Innovative Horizon Tracking
  • Denoising, Attributes and Color Blending
  • Cross plot on well/log data
  • Automatic Classification using SOM and KMean
  • Gross Rock Volume Calculation
  • Coordinate System Management
  • Gross Rock Volume Calculation
  • Velocity Model updates (Dix/Average/RMS Velocities)
  • New Interpolation methods (kriging, diffusion, etc.)
  • Export of color blended volumes and horizons
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