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Albanian Petroleum Coorporation
L 29 Marsi
Industrial zone
Fier, 9307

Tel: +355 381 36 62


Albpetrol J.S.C is the Albanian state owned Oil and Gas Upstream Company founded on 6 April 1999 that inherited all the assets and oilfields in Albania. Company headquarters are located in the city of Patos, Fier County. The company has also a representative office located in Tirana, the Albanian Capital. 

Albpetrol operate in several Albanian regions such as Fier, Ballsh, Patos, Kuçovë, Vlorë, Delvinë etc. Albpetrol sole owner is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy.

Oil and gas production in Albania is derived from two geological formations. The earliest production of oil came from of the sands and sandy layers of Tortonian in the Adriatic Lowland, or in the Basin of Durres, an orogenic post-warfare mainly of the age of Neocene, which occupies the northernmost part of Albania’s lowland plain.

Production also came from the Jurassic carbonate structures in Eocen in the Jonian area, the westernmost part of orogene that constructs Albanids and covers the entire western part of Albania, also being subjected to the Durres Basin.

The first oil well in Albania was drilled in Drashovica, near Vlora, in 1918. Latter on the exploration and production continued in Adriatic depression, near the surface outflow of the bituminous sandstone rocks of the continuation of the monoclinal of Patos-Marinza and the region of Kuçova.

The production of crude oil in Albania originates from several oilfields. The most important are Patos - Marinza and Kuçova (sandstone), Cakran - Mollaj, Gorisht - Kocul, Ballsh - Hekal, Visokë and Amonicë dhe Delvina (limestone).

The main role of Albpetrol is the production and marketing of petroleum products as well as monitoring of the Petroleum Agreements. The company is directly responsible to the Ministry of Energy and Industry.