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Crondall Energy


Crondall Energy has four business units which cover business consulting, marine technology, production facilities and subsea. Crondall Energy provides a combination of both technical and commercial support services, offering integrated multi-disciplinary project support from concept selection through first oil and into operations.

Crondall Energy maintains regular contact with all the major players in the industry, which allows staff to update their experience on technology developments, contractor capabilities, activities and strategies. This equips Crondall Energy with the necessary background to advise operators on suitable contracting strategies, and to assemble appropriate cost and schedule data at an early stage of project development. Crondall Energy's overall objective is to help projects make sound decisions as part of successfully executing deepwater field developments.

The company has repeatedly helped project stakeholders to significantly enhance the value of their developments, through reductions in project timescale, improved competitive processes, and a focussed approach to the use of engineering to address key project risks and value drivers. 

Crondall Energy can provide both separate and integrated services in these areas, offering:

  • Strategic, commercial & technical studies
  • Field development studies
  • Project support - commercial & technical
  • Project delivery assignments
  • Market analysis
  • Training & knowledge transfer
  • Technology development & joint industry research

Crondall work with a range of project stakeholders, including oil companies, investors and law firms, helping their clients to manage technical, commercial and strategic risks and achieve positive project outcomes.  

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