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Allseas Group


Allseas Group S.A. is a world renowned contractor in offshore pipeline installation, heavy lift and subsea construction. The company employ over 4000 people worldwide and operate a fleet of specialised heavy-lift, pipelay and support vessels, designed and developed in-house. Allseas have executed more than 300 projects and installed over 23,500 km of subsea pipeline.

Founded in 1985, we have gained worldwide experience in all types of offshore and subsea construction projects. Our approach is to support clients already in the conceptual design stage, and offer services for project management, engineering and procurement up to and including installation and commissioning.

Developing innovative new technologies and processes allows Allseas to stay ahead of the game by reducing cost and risk, while at the same time improving efficiency and operational performance. Every new concept starts with true imagination – a technical breakthrough can only be achieved with right blend of foresight, creativity and persistence. The company vessels are designed and developed in-house, and are fully equipped with state-of-the-art systems and equipment that enable them to continuously set new standards.

To attract engineering talent, Allseas has established three Innovations offices in the Netherlands,  located close to the technical universities in Delft, Eindhoven and Enschede, where high-tech tools and systems are developed and tested. Thanks to our dedicated team of highly skilled designers and engineers, we are recognised as a world leader in the design and manufacture of ground-breaking, highly sophisticated offshore engineering solutions.

The company's fabrication unit employs more than 200 people and provides a variety of activities in support of Allseas’ offshore operations. Custom-made subsea structures such as pipeline end manifolds and terminations, start-up and laydown heads, and components for Allseas’ vessels and equipment, are engineered and manufactured in-house.

Heusden, with a total area of 33,000 m², is a fabrication and storage facility close to the Maas river in the south of the Netherlands. The site offers quayside mooring and is an excellent location from which customers can be served via the well-maintained river connections, waterways and seaports. Well-equipped facilities, good security, affordable utilities and high-efficiency processing ensure the yard can meet all client demands.

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