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Chemostrat is the world leader in chemostratigraphy and provides high quality stratigraphic services around the globe. The company is now at the forefront of a new revolution by creating a multi-disciplinary service matrix that incorporates a range of traditional and state of the art analytical and interpretative techniques that can be tailored to tackle a wide range of geological challenges focusing on providing cost effective and workable solutions for our clients.

Founded in 1994 by Tim Pearce and Ken Ratcliffe, the company’s main aim was to provide a professional, petroleum industry-orientated chemostratigraphic service. Over the past 20 years Chemostrat has built an unrivalled understanding of analytical technology and interpretation of geochemical datasets.

The cornerstone of Chemostrat's work remains characterisation and correlation projects using ICP-OES/MS and XRF analyses. In addition, reflecting their in-house capabilities the company also offer a full range of mineralogical and sedimentological correlation tools. By combining these techniques with an ICP option, Chemostrat are able to supply a solution to almost any correlation problem and therefore posses the resources to provide an integrated stratigraphic service to the petroleum industry.

The success of the Chemostrat in the UK led to the formation of their wholly owned subsidiary, Chemostrat Inc. in 2000 . Based in Houston the offices and XRF/XRD labs are ideally placed to service the North American market place.

Chemostrat Ltd has been trading for 20 years and is the only dedicated chemostratigraphy company in the world. The company was founded on the chemostratigraphy research undertaken by Dr Tim Pearce in the early 1990’s. This research focused on the Triassic sequences from the North Sea and Tertiary Atlantic margin turbidites. Since then, the company has expanded to more than 40 staff and has offices in Wales, Houston and Perth.