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Encore Energy


Encore Energy, Inc. is a fully integrated oil and gas exploration and production company that controls all facets of  operations, including but not limited to, lease acquisition, prospect development, engineering, drilling, completion and production operations. Encore’s immediate focus is multiple horizontal Berea oil projects in Kentucky.

The US government provides qualified industry investors with the ability to deduct 100% of their investment in oil and gas against ordinary income in year one. While many other companies in the oil and gas industry are shutting their doors, Encore is acquiring assets and drilling multiple well projects to prove-up acreage to create a "platform" and bring in investment from larger E & P companies in the future.

Encore attempts to mitigate risk by utilizing the latest advancements in horizontal well technology. Encore serves as the lease owner and operator for each project providing each partnership with direct control of operations. The Company's projects are designed to provide qualified participants with monthly income, real-time reporting, transparency, asset protection, maximum tax benefits and relatively low-cost drilling operations, as compared to similar oil and gas projects across the domestic US.

Encore is a bonded well operator with the state of Kentucky and a bonded saltwater disposal well operator with the EPA and Kentucky. The Company's objective is to optimize production and maximize petroleum reserves, while minimizing the environmental footprint of each project. 

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