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Avalon Sciences Ltd (ASL)


Avalon Sciences Ltd (ASL) designs and manufactures advanced borehole seismic equipment for Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP), permanent/passive seismic monitoring, well/reservoir characterisation and hydraulic fracture event detection.

Avalon has been at the cutting edge of borehole seismic technology innovation, design and manufacturing for over 20 years. A household name in VSP and downhole microseismic equipment, Avalon Sciences is dedicated to providing the best bespoke solution to meet the client needs whilst providing the greatest possible customer service and support, remotely and onsite.

To deliver this Avalon has invested heavily in a dedicated R&D facility: the Avalon Research Centre (ARC). The ARC is equipped with specialist staff and equipment to ensure continuous innovation for instrumentation within the harshest of well conditions. ASL holds the ISO 9001 award for quality of its design and manufacture processes. Research and Design has been augmented further with the acquisition of a deep well test facility in Cornwall, UK.

Avalon have a dedicated Global Operations Team distributed across a number of support sites including, Houston (US, Mexico and Canada), UK (Europe), Abu Dhabi (Africa & Middle East), Beijing and Singapore (Far East).

From these locations their experienced field personnel are able to offer 24/7 technical support, sale and rental services, repair and maintenance, as well as onsite consultancy and training.