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Perigon is a global leader in intelligent, connected and efficient wellbore data management systems, providing over 15 years of reliable service to their global portfolio of clients.

Solutions are built around the pioneering iPoint software which combines class leading data management abilities with unique visualization capabilities, providing unparalleled levels of data understanding and confidence to users.

Perigon’s technical expertise combined with an innate understanding of modern data management challenges allows the company to serve the global industry needs from their offices in Aberdeen, Scotland and Houston, Texas.

The iPoint suite enables co-visualization of all wellbore data types making it a valuable tool for geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, drillers and data managers alike.

Displaying multiple datasets and types in one easy to navigate multi-scale track display, iPoint transforms disparate sample sets, often stored in a range of locations, into comprehensive visual representations of the downhole environment.

Building cross-section views is quick and intuitive. iPoint’s data integration abilities allows users to connect to any wellbore data store, native or otherwise. With iPoint, clients can integrate anything from high-resolution core images to wireline logs.

Data Management
iPoint allows users to bring all their core data together in one place to ensure it is easy to find, trusted and well protected.

iPoint's powerful corporate data store has the ability to store all types of wellbore data, including complex core images, rasters and other industry standard formats. It systematically standardizes and quality-controls this vast and varied data by applying business rules defined within the system. This ensures subsequent integration and management processes are effective.

The iPoint suite provides a series of workflows and modules that ensure that geoscientists and data managers have all the tools they need to maximize the value of their data. Clients have utilized iPoint to improve accuracy and confidence in data and models in a variety of challenging environments around the world.

Perigon offer a number of training courses covering the essentials of the iPoint suite. Each one can provide a comprehensive insight into specific areas of the software relevant to its background. 

Training can either be conducted at client worksite or held at the company's facilities in Aberdeen or Houston.