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The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) is the peak national body representing the collective interests of the upstream oil and gas exploration and production industry. 

APPEA represents the interests of companies involved in oil and gas exploration and production operations in Australia and companies which provide goods and services to the upstream petroleum industry.

Being a member of APPEA allows companies to participate in debates about government policy and regulatory matters which directly impact on the industry''s profitability. Participation in these discussions enables members to influence industry views and to affect the outcomes of government decisions. APPEA aims to provide credible advice to governments in a professional manner.

Continuing negative perceptions of the industry in the community and increasing government regulation are two of the most significant threats to our industry in the future. APPEA seeks to promote a positive image of the industry so as to ensure the community and governments are receptive to the views of industry.

APPEA's Committee System - the Association's proactive committee structure is designed to bring people with common interests together. Full members are able to participate in many of the activities of the Committee's.

Regular Information Updates - a regular electronic monthly update is provided to all member companies outlining the current status of issues of importance to the industry. Copies of select submissions and documents are also provided to members.

APPEA Conference and Exhibition - APPEA convenes the largest annual upstream petroleum industry gathering in Australia, bringing explorers, producers, service providers, decision-makers and the latest technology together. Members obtain lucrative benefits at the Conference.

APPEA Publications - policy papers on issues such as occupational health and safety, environmental management and resource access along with detailed member survey information, many of which are available free to members.

APPEA Credibility - the Association, which has represented the Australian upstream petroleum industry's interests since 1959, is widely recognised for its authority and credibility.

APPEA Professionalism - the work of the APPEA Secretariat (with offices in Canberra and Perth) is directed, monitored and assessed by members. APPEA''s primary objective is to achieve results.