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Decom Engineering


Decom Engineering is based in Cookstown, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, and is a major provider of green decommissioning solutions to oil and gas contractors, which improve safety and efficiency, while reducing environmental impact.

The company’s Pipe Coating Removal system is the fastest and greenest process on the market. The cold process is capable of removing multiple coating types from decommissioned or surplus pipelines. The pipelines can then be repurposed and deployed in a number of sectors, for example piling and construction, which returns value to the client while decreasing the carbon footprint compared to using new steel.

Decom Engineering have developed a range of cold cuttings saws which can perform “clean cut” through 2-24” materials and which can operate in the harshest working conditions, including subsea.

The cutting saws are a cost-effective, snag-free alternative to diamond wire saws and hydraulic shears, and can be deployed on pipes, drill pipe, conductors, umbilicals, chains and wire rope.

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