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DeepTech Oil Services


DeepTech Oil Services is an international company specializing in Deepwater projects, providing reliable integrated ROV services, using proven cutting edge technology, together with highly experienced, qualified personnel for intervention, construction support, installation, drilling support as well as full subsea inspection activities in the offshore oil and gas and marine industries worldwide.

The company built up its own team of high profiled certified engineers expertise in ROV services and projects management in order to serve national oil & gas companies as well as to develop a solid international experience through operating in different areas worldwide.

DeepTech Oil Services has a fleet of Work Class ROVs having capabilities extending to 3000m water depth allowing DeepTech to operate in different deepwater fields in locations such as South Africa, West Africa, Mediterranean and The Far East.

Subsea Services
DeepTech Oil Services owns & manages a fleet of ROVs ranging from observation, inspection and up to Work Class ROVs 150 Hp. 3,000m water depth

  • Intervention Activities.
  • Drilling Support.
  • Construction and Installation Support.
  • Subsea Inspection.

Project Management
DeepTech Oil Services has the experience and capabilities to manage Deepwater projects on behalf of our clients such as intervention (IRM) & asset integrity projects, where the activities performed by DeepTech are planned, risk evaluated and executed according to the recent international codes and standards.

Subsea Tooling
DeepTech Oil Services provides a full range of tools required for intervention activities, drilling support, construction & installation support and subsea inspection. DeepTech has in-house research and development department that continuously develop innovative and tailor made solutions that fit various fields in the oil and gas sector.

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