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Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency


The main role of Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency is monitoring investors in terms of fulfillment of their contractual obligations in compliance with with the highest technological and environmental standards as well as conducting strict control over exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Republic of Croatia.

The organizations main responsibilities are:

  • Supervision over all aspects of exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons
  • Encouraging competitiveness and optimal hydrocarbons management
  • Ensuring balance between energy and environmental policies of the Republic of Croatia

Licence Rounds

In January 2015, the Croatian Government granted 10 licences for exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Adriatic. These decisions were preceded by the first licence round for the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Adriatic, which was concluded on 3rd November 2014.

In November 2018, Croatia launched the country’s second onshore licence round. Seven blocks will be available in the licence round, all located in Croatia’s prolific Pannonian basin that has produced over 1.1 billion boe, of which the majority is oil and condensate. Most of the blocks contain undeveloped oil or gas discoveries. 

Available for the first time will be blocks Sava-06 (SA-06), Sava-07 (SA-07), Sava-11 (SA-11), Sava-12 (SA-12), Northwest Croatia-01 (SZH-01) and Northwest Croatia-05 (SZH-05). Meanwhile Drava-03 (DR-03), that was previously offered in Croatia’s 1st onshore license round and then awarded to Oando, will be available for the second time. The five other blocks from Croatia’s first onshore license round were awarded to Vermilion and INA.