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Founded in 2000 by Harald Strand, and supported by Equinor, Neodrill’s focus is to create cost efficient solutions for exploration and production wells by developing pre-rig well construction.

The company is owned by Equinor, Petropartner, and the employees, and focuses purely on providing CAN® technology to the subsea oil and gas industry.


The wellhead system is widely recognised as the “weak link” in conventional well design, so Neodrill developed the CAN (Conductor Anchor Node); a smarter solution giving operators commercial savings and operational benefits when running exploration and production wells.

CAN (Conductor Anchor Node) is designed to reduce cost, reduce risk and improve safety.

CAN is based on traditional suction anchors, which have been used in the offshore industry for more than a half a century, to provide solid and secure mooring points in deeper waters. Adapting these conventional high-load carrying, capacity suction anchors, with technology for top-hole well construction, CAN provides a reliable well foundation for both exploration and production wells.

With this in place there are reduced risks related to the fatigue life capabilities. Typically fatigue issues are most prominent just below the seabed, but with CAN the wellhead system is protected by managing the fatigue in a new way. From a life of well perspective this saves the risk of having to drill a new well if the wellhead system is deemed nonviable in the future.

Similarly, uncertainty regarding the load capacity are removed as the load capacity can precisely calculated once the CAN is installed.

Challenges relating to the inclination of the conductor are gone as the installation method guarantees an inclination less than one degree.

In addition, uncertainties related to the cementing quality and top of cement (well/soil integration) are removed as CAN is pre-installed with the conductor in the workshop, ensuring its integrity.

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