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Applied Petroleum Technology


Applied Petroleum Technology (APT) provides a complete range of geochemical analyses of unsurpassed quality, together with integrated data reporting, tailored interpretation, basin modelling and consulting services. APT meet the full range of requirements of the international oil and gas industry.

APT’s petroleum geochemistry services are delivered and quality assured by experienced geochemists, laboratory technicians and engineers. The company deliver the full range of advanced petroleum geochemistry analyses, using tailor-made IT systems to ensure the highest quality in client communication, planning and controlling progress of projects, and reporting.


  • Geochemistry
  • Biostratigraphic
  • Petroleum System Analysis
  • Multi-client Studies
  • Courses and Training

APT's main areas of geographic interest are North West Europe, Africa and the Middle East but we also carry out work further afield including Central Asia, the Far East and the Americas.

The company have particular experience and interest in addressing problems relating to:

  • Greater understanding of the maturity relationships of apparently co-sourced gas and condensate particularly in the North Sea Central Graben and the Atlantic margins - achieved by detailed evaluation of gas isotopes and biomarkers;
  • The source of gas found in the Southern North Sea related to Carboniferous source systems;
  • The shale gas and oil potential of onshore and near shore Carbonifeous rocks in Northern England and Scotland;
  • The use of high quality geochemical data to understand controls on and to predict the likely quality and gravity of oil in Tertiary reservoirs;
  • Determination of reliable kerogen microscopy data (VR & SCI) and their use to constrain thermal models through the intelligent use of basin modelling software such as Genesis and Trinity; 
  • Reservoir connectivity studies using flowed or proxy (solvent extracted oil) to establish connected & compartmentalised reservoirsand of oil in missed pay.

APT have in recent years completed major non-proprietary reports on the West Shetland-Faroe Basin petroleum system and the Irish Porcupine Basin. Other such projects are presently being promoted.

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