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Since the first contract in 1965, DORIS has built a team of disciplines to reflect the engineering needs of major oil and gas producers and fabricators. The DORIS difference is that they integrate their experts into highly efficient collaborative teams which often include engineers from the client company. This gives the company efficiency and the agility to manage unexpected developments, and has enabled DORIS to
execute over 270 major contracts and deliver world-first innovations. 

Proprietary Tools
DORIS has been pioneering engineering solutions for over 50 years. The company have developed not just the technologies and the tools, but also created and proven the methodologies. Their in-house tools for engineering and design enable DORIS to perform large scientific and technical calculations, and is supported by an extensive library of scientific programs and computing hardware.

Human resources Tools
The strength of DORIS lies in its highly qualified multidisciplinary teams of engineers and technicians. Most of them have a wide oil and gas industry experience with different and complementary backgrounds, due to their long-term presence in the company. DORIS is able to engineer solutions from the wellhead to export system and flare tip.


Design Engineering

  • Screening
  • Feasibility study
  • Conceptual study
  • Basic Engineering
  • FEED (Front End Engineering and Design)
  • Detailed Engineering

Project Management

  • PMC (Project Management Control)
  • IPMS (Integrated Project Management Services)
  • Procurement
  • Owner’s Engineering