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African Energy and Mineral Management Initiative (AEMI) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2017 and with offices in Uganda and South Sudan. The establishment of AEMI was inspired by resourceful and development-driven energy and mineral experts to act as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) aimed at safeguarding Africa’s extractive and energy industries. The origin of AEMI can also be understood to have been influenced by the desire and commitment for energy and mineral experts of different African nationalities to collectively fight poverty on the continent by advocating for good governance and management of the extractive industry.

AEMI prides in its pool of experts with PhDs, Masters and relevant Degrees from various disciplines including lawyers, economists, engineers, accountants among others, who have adequate knowledge in the Energy and Mineral sectors of Africa. Through fieldwork research, advocacy, policy analysis, innovations and stakeholder engagement, AEMI offers tailored and practical solutions to the challenges faced in the African Energy and Mineral industries