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Joint Stock Company SEVMORNEFTEGEOFIZIKA (SMNG) traces its history from 1 January, 1979 when by the order of Mingasprom of USSR Murmansk Marine Geologic-Geophysical Oil and Gas Expedition was formed to provide geological/geophysical exploration for oil and gas across the Arctic Seas of the former Soviet Union. At present it is a joint stock company SEVMORNEFTEGEOFIZIKA (SMNG). 

Since its formation, SEVMORNEFTEGEOFIZIKA has acquired the most volume of geophysical explorations across the Russian Arctic. As a results of these operations about 400 prospects were identified, 40 prospects were prepared for deep exploratory drilling. Honoring the seismic data acquired by SMNG and the results of marine exploratory drilling within the West-Arctic shelf of Russia (Barents, Pechora and Kara Seas including the Ob and Taz Bays water areas) 19 oil, gas and gas-condensate fields have been discovered.

SMNG operates not only within the Russian shelf but offshore globally through the requests of both Russian and foreign companies.

SMNG owns a specialized fleet, including deep-water seismic vessels and shallow-water seismic vessels, fleet base and all required production and economic infrastructure.

SMNG has a Radionavigation Department, which has been providing positioning services of the company vessels and its customers with navigation-geodetic equipment, to be used in offshore geophysical operations both in the Russian Seas and worldwide.

SMNG operates two processing centers located in Murmansk and Gelendzhik, utilizing modern computers and a comprehensive range of seismic data processing software capable of processing 2D and 3D data sets from offshore, transition zone and onshore areas.

Interpretation of geologic/geophysical information is performed by highly competent geophysicists-interpreters and geologists involved in a wide range of projects, such as integrated regional studies of the sedimentary basins in order to assess their hydrocarbon potential, proposal of prospects for deep exploratory drilling, reservoir characterization study and creation of three-dimensional field geological models.

SMNG owns a subsidiary SMNG South, located in Gelendzhik. Here a computer center was set up for processing onshore and offshore seismic data.