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Working from Oman to Morocco and Egypt, and from the USA to Australia, the Adrok team has worked on an impressive range of hydrocarbon exploration projects. 

Adrok understand the risks of exploring for oil and gas and their focus is reducing that risk. The company like healthy success ratios, so, whether clients are Wildcat drilling or exploring known territory, Adrok's goal is to add value to exploration.

Accurate geophysics data during the exploration and appraisal phases of an oilfield project is the key to reducing risk. This is where the Adrok scanner is invaluable. We can either complement seismic activities (our role can be crucial - for example, when liquid is found we can determine whether the resource is water or oil), or we can be a reliable, accurate, faster, greener and more cost-effective alternative – able to work easily in all terrains, be it jungle vegetation or desert furnace.

Shallow sub-seabed mapping system

The Adrok Subsea scanner is deployed from an ROV and is controlled remotely from the survey vessel. This allows the survey team to perform data acquisition and obtain other ROV and survey data.

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