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AEON is a cutting-edge information management and data interrogation software designed for the effective understanding of disparate Spatial & Subsurface Data.

Advances in digital technology combined with decades of industry experience have delivered AEON an intuitive and versatile Geo-data manager for the O&G industry

AEON enables users to securely access all Geoscience data for management, visualisation and to perform analysis

AEON generates  multidisciplinary dashboards offering the ability to fully interrogate all data in any format within one platform.

The wide variety of features offered through Aeon removes the need to purchase/maintain/learn multiple, costly software and applications. 

Aeon guarantees improved productivity and effectiveness. 


Aeon is a state of the art software platform built for the future of Geoscience data management and visualization. Making use of new advancements in digital technology, our innovative software enables effective visualization and analysis of disparate data types. The linked panel dashboard allows the user to build fully tailored displays that suit their daily workflows.

  • Downhole Logging
  • Standardised Reporting
  • Data Management
  • Data Transfer/Reporting
  • GIS Mapping
  • Document Control
  • Communications
  • Remote/Field Reporting

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