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Azinor Catalyst


Azimuth Management Ltd - Head Office
99 Front Street,
Hamilton HM12,


Azimuth Management Ltd - Visiting Address
Audley House
13 Palace Street
5th Floor
London SW1E 5HX

Tel: +44 (0)20 3588 0065


Azinor Catalyst is an exploration-led E&P company with an exciting and material portfolio of licences on the UK Continental Shelf. The company’s proven and highly experienced team, combined with its technology-driven strategy for growth, has allowed Azinor Catalyst to take advantage of the current market conditions to rapidly build a world class portfolio of exploration licences designed to exploit the significant remaining reserves potential of the North Sea.  

Azinor has a number of de-risked +100MMboe prospects, proving the North Sea still has significant untapped potential. With low drilling costs, there is no better time to test this identified prospectivity. 

One of Azinor Catalyst’s unique advantage was the early acquisition of one of the industry’s largest latest generation seismic databases. Combining this data with its advanced in-house quantitative technical capabilities often provided new insight into the de-risking of old or new prospects. Azinor Catalyst currently has interests in 13 Licences.

Azinor Catalyst is part of the Azimuth Group, an oil and gas offshore exploration asset management company formed as part of a collaboration between Seacrest Capital Group, an upstream focused private equity firm, and Petroleum Geo-Services, a leading seismic services company.

The Azimuth Group builds, incubates and accelerates regionally focused exploration companies. Following rigorous reprocessing and analysis of available seismic and well data, the Azimuth Group creates and supports in-country teams to secure entry into high potential target areas as well as to grow their business.

To-date Azimuth Group has established six offshore oil and gas exploration companies active in Central and South America, West Africa, Europe and Asia.