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J2 Subsea


J2 Subsea, an Acteon company, was established in 2008 to provide ROV tooling products and services for the ROV and underwater survey markets. From the outset the company have aimed to deliver a responsive, high-quality service to their customers establishing long-lasting business relationships built on trust.

Operations to date have focused on four key areas: rental, service and repair of ROV manipulator arms, rental of ROV tooling equipment, ROV engineering support and underwater survey engineering support.

J2 Subsea has earned a reputation within the ROV and underwater survey industries for outstanding service, quality, fast turnaround times and the ability to deliver highly reliable, customised engineering solutions.

Now, as part of the Acteon group of companies we intend to build on this reputation through a period of sustained investment and growth. J2 Subsea's intention is to expand operations to reach new areas in the global oil and gas market.


Rental Services
Many of the major players in the oil and gas industry prefer to have expenditure on equipment against a day rate rather than to purchase, store and maintain equipment that may be needed for short periods. This approach enables companies to focus on the core aspects of their operations whilst contractors in a strong and established supply chain deliver what is needed when it is needed.

Equipment Sales
J2 Subsea not only provide rental services but also offer the opportunity to purchase equipment as all of the products listed throughout the brochure are available for sale. Further to this, J2 offers a comprehensive range of spares and accessories for sale. Equipment sales are an area of the business the company are continually looking to grow in order to expand their capabilities and the service they offer to their customers.

Servicing and Repairs
The reliability of ROVs and associated systems is crucial to the success of subsea operations. Customers trust J2 Subsea to service and repair the key parts of their ROV systems and the company have established a reputation for quality and reliability of service in this area that is second to none.