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ARGAS was founded in 1966 as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) company. The current partners are the Industrialisation & Energy Services Company (TAQA) with 51% of the shares and Compagnie Générale de Géophysique (now CGG) with the remainder 49%. 

Having surveyed the region’s most important oil and gas fields during our 50 years of existence, ARGAS has always deployed state of the art technology in geophysical data acquisition, processing and reservoir analysis services across a growing number of industry verticals.

Through their carefully nurtured technical and operational skills, long experience and regional knowledge, ARGAS ensures good quality services and prompt delivery to clients to achieve their Oil and Gas exploration and development goals.

Over the past ten years, ARGAS has moved from a purely land seismic acquisition company to a leader in shallow water/transition zone data acquisition entity, starting initially with the Safaniyah transition zone project, expanding within a few years to undertaking the world’s largest Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) projects in the Arabian Gulf. 

Moving down the E&P value chain, the company established their technology center in Al Khobar to address client’s future seismic data processing and interpretation needs.