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SVB Energy International


SVB Energy International
1629 K St NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006
United States

Tel: +1 202 600 7831

Level 41, Emirates Towers
Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, UAE
PO Box 31303

Tel: +971 4 313 2812



SVB Energy International LLC (SVBEI) is a global strategic energy-consulting firm that was established in 2012 and has offices in Washington DC and Dubai. The firm has a special focus and expertise on the Iran Energy industry. With nearly two decades of experience in this field, their data and analysis have been a major leading source of reliable information on Iran energy industry and domestic politics.

SVBEI offers market research and strategic advisory services within the energy market. The company produce detailed analysis of energy market fundamentals, energy security, energy geopolitics, and future market trends. Their knowledge and experience in this field allows them to provide accurate data and analytical studies to their clients. With their unique database, proven analytical techniques, and professional network, SVBEI conduct cutting-edge research and analysis on emerging energy issues for businesses, investors and governments.

The company have flagship knowledge and expertise specifically on Iran, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. Their experienced team with the help of a vast network in these courtiers provides clients with detailed studies of the energy industry and domestic politics in these countries. Among their other services, SVBEI also offer due diligence and market strategy services to their clients.