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Greka Drilling


29th Floor, Landmark Plaza
No. 1 Business Outer Ring Road
Central Business District
Zhengzhou 450000
Henan Province, PRC

Tel: (86) 371 6013 3388

Vatika Business Centre
Mezzanine Floor
Konnectus Building
Bhavbhuti Marg
Connaught Place
New Delhi-110001

Tel: (91) 1123660100



Greka Drilling Limited is the largest independent and specialised provider of unconventional gas services in Asia, with best-in-class rigs and crews. The company's rigs are tailor-made for drilling coal bed methane and their crews are trained to uniform standards at the Greka Training School. Greka Drilling's rig fleets are based in Zhengzhou, China and West Bengal, India.

Greka Drilling has developed the LiFaBriC methodology for the under-saturated brittle and highly faulted coals typically found in China. The LiFaBriC lateral well design does not involve any fracking, it does not use chemicals and results in a long well life and easy workover.

The company's mission is to ensure clients extract unconventional gas in the most cost-efficient and environmentally sound manner, while operating to the highest standards.

Drilling Fleet

The company's drilling fleet comprises purpose-built, hydraulic, top-drive rigs specifically designed for the application of drilling services within the unconventional gas industry.

  • Custom Built Rigs - Built to Greka Drilling specifications and client requirements
  • Standardised Fleet - The standardisation of the fleet allows for the management of one machine type, with the associated operating, maintenance and training consistent across the fleet
  • Mobility - Modularised design for efficient and fast mobilisation of rigs and associated ancillary equipment resulting in faster rig-down and rig-up time
  • Support - Maintenance and logistics support team protocols developed specifically to maximise operational efficiencies
  • Scalable - Centrally controlled at the Operations Control Center (OCC) through real time data monitoring, data flow control and smart-fast data access
  • Safer - Reduction of manpower to operate rig due to increased automation

Completion Drilling Services

Greka Drilling provides the following drilling and completion techniques:

  • Conventional: Vertical Completions
  • Directional: Slant, Horizontal, Multi-seam and Multi-lateral Completions
  • LiFaBriC: Advanced Horizontal Geo-steered Completions

Greka Drilling has revolutionised coal bed methane production by introducing its self-developed drilling and completion technique for lateral wells called LiFaBriC. With a low overall cost per mcf gas and an increase in CBM field production, it has repeatedly proved to be the most effective production technology for CBM reservoirs.