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EDR is a geophysical consultancy bringing together a highly skilled team to advise and support exploration and development work programs for land, marine and transition zone assets in a host of geological settings.

The business is led by Samantha Bowen. Her previous role was as Managing Director of the EPI Group, which together with the founders, was successfully sold to Private Equity in 2014. She has a wealth of commercial experience, a strong leadership style and a hands-on approach to looking after clients and consultants alike.

EDR have a bespoke selection process and an exceptional understanding of client’s requirements with relevant hands on experience to safely support clients in a wide variety of hostile, remote and challenging environments. The company are able to draw on a large number of industry recognised consultants to support their staff in bringing relevant experience to client projects.

EDR possess the skills to assist in managing an exploration or development program either on behalf of clients or as part of an integrated team, supporting both conventional and unconventional resource plays in the offshore, onshore and transition zone environments, globally.

Geophysical Operations support includes:

  • Field Quality Control (client representatives)
  • Project and Operations Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Management
  • Training
  • Vessel Inspections (including OVID and eCMID 149 & 189)
  • Seismic Operations support includes:
  • Planning and tendering
  • Survey design
  • Project management
  • Project managers
  • Seismic, Geodetic and Hydrographic QC
  • Field Processing QC
  • HSE QC
  • HSE Audits
  • MMO, PAM systems & operators
  • Mountaineers / Land transport coordinators
  • Technical audit
  • Project start-up and testing
  • Crew optimisation

The EDR Management team have been providing operational support and QC services for over 30 years in most of the world’s hydrocarbon basins. Their clients have included IOCs, NOCs, Independents as well as geophysical contractors, covering 2D, 3D, 4D, OBN (ocean bottom node), OBC (ocean bottom cable) and 4C (multi-component) projects.