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Founded in 1986, Deepwater is a full-service offshore corrosion control company, supplying the energy industry with expertise in cathodic protection and corrosion engineering.

The company protect offshore infrastructure from corrosion by developing more efficient systems to extend and monitor the productive lives of assets.

Deepwater develops technology and improves industry understanding to deliver the simplest and most effective cathodic protection solutions to clients around the world. While the industry advances to greater depths, the company have consistently found new ways to protect, monitor, and ultimately extend the life of the world’s offshore infrastructure.


Deepwater Corrosion Services began as an offshore corrosion inspection company; the company's focus expanded to designing and manufacturing solutions for the failing cathodic protection systems encountered in the field.


Permanent monitoring systems and software able to interface with both AUVs and ROVs provide a constant, reliable stream of information about the performance of corrosion control systems. As operations move into deeper water and systems trend toward automation, cathodic protection concerns intensify. A reliable way to monitor anode systems is essential.

For these deep and remote applications, Deepwater has developed the SunStation™ subsea readout which requires no outside power source or interface with the surface. Light from an ROV activates the readouts, and the readings are captured via the camera. This stand-alone technology has allowed monitoring to go into deep-water fields and other previously inaccessible areas.

Deepwater’s portable Polatrak® probes provide unparalleled accuracy and durability and have been the equipment of choice in the offshore industry for over 20 years.


Deepwater offers a full suite of offshore field services for corrosion inspection, survey, and anode system installation. Their team of NACE-certified corrosion professionals leverage decades of combined experience and an exceptional safety record to ensure operational success. 


Deepwater’s laboratory facilities are invaluable to ongoing product development and R&D efforts. All of the company's products are developed and manufactured in-house, based on research in the lab and data from the field.