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Earthworks Environment & Resources


Earthworks Environment & Resources Ltd was formed in 2001 as a limited company. Earthworks provides specialised expertise to the oil and gas industry in geophysics and geostatistics. The team is involved in analysis of data from and description of the sub-surface geology of hydrocarbon reservoirs.

The company's work includes service and project work such as seismic inversion, consulting, providing training courses and software development. Expertise is centred on geological and geophysical sub-surface description. Earthworks work on data at all stages of the life cycle of hydrocarbon assets from exploration through appraisal, development and production including production geophysics and reservoir modelling. The company can also provide technical expertise and consultancy for unitisation, determinations and re-determinations and certification of in-place hydrocarbon volumes.

Professional and Technical Services provided by experts to experts:

  • Seismic Quantitative Interpretation (QI) Studies
  • Rock Physics and Fluid Replacement Modelling
  • Velocity Modelling
  • Geostatistical Depth Conversion
  • Risk & Uncertainty Modelling and Prospect Peer Review
  • Integrated Field Studies including petrophysics and seismic interpretation
  • Petrel Geostatistical Consulting
  • Advanced Well: Seismic Ties using in-house AutoCal™ Software
  • Seismic Bandwidth Enhancement
  • Extended Elastic Impedance Analysis
  • Pre- & Post-Stack Seismic Inversion
  • Deterministic & Stochastic Seismic Inversion

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